Associate Consultant

An Associate Consultant in a Sustainability Firm is a professional who works to provide expert advice for companies and businesses to become more socially and environmentally responsible.

Key Responsibilities:
● Developing strategic sustainability plans that are tailored to the business or organization.
● Providing an overview of the official requirements and guidelines that are relevant to the company and ensuring compliance.
● Keeping up to date with research or changes in legislation that apply to the company and advising about any changes.
● Providing plans for reducing waste in the business’s operating or manufacturing processes.
● Collecting and analyzing various data related to the sustainability of the business and producing reports to show the findings.
● Presenting reports to stakeholders.
● Educating and training employees and stakeholders on key environmental and sustainability topics.
● Developing a variety of different sustainability initiatives within the organization and support for their implementation.
● Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements:
● A bachelor’s degree in environmental science or any related course of study.
● A relevant experience in the sustainability industry.
● An internship or volunteer experience will be added advantage.
● Passion and readiness to learn about sustainability.
● Must have good communication and writing skills.
● Must have good analytical and problem-solving skills.
● Please note that only candidates living within Lekki – Ajah will be considered, as proximity to location is key.
● Remuneration is competitive.