DevSecOps Engineer – Cryptography 

Job Type: Contract

Nationality: (Nigerian and based in Nigeria)

Job Description:  In this role, you are responsible for developing complex security systems to encrypt sensitive data. This role designs builds, and tests advanced cryptographic solutions to improve security that protects its environment, customers, and employees.   

Primary Responsibilities  

*Designs, builds and tests innovative cryptographic solutions. 

*Implement quality and performance modules. 

*Collaborates with technology leaders to integrate cryptographic solutions into the product design. 

*Develops solutions involving advanced cryptographic algorithm for a new product in incubation. 

*Define solutions, provide estimates on effort and risk, and evaluate technical feasibility. 

*Enhances directive controls, to multiple assessments to vet gaps for needed enhancements. 

*Combines specific cryptographic platforms to centralize controls for program progression. 

*May manage corporate encryption technology. 

*Associates at this level may specialize in Cert management/PKI and are responsible for the Enterprise PKI. 

*Architecture/Design strategy and road map. 

*Leads large-scale projects. 

*Takes initiative and responsibility for achieving desired results.


*Minimum 5 years experience in the role.

* Base technology or Security certifications (CISSP, CompTIA Security+, CCENT, CCNA, MCSA, etc)

*Knowledge of data classification solutions

*Knowledge of cryptographic implementation at media, files, and applications. 

*Must be Ready to resume immediately. 

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