Media Assistant

1. Develop a portfolio of all work completed.
2. Provide support to your line manager on all assigned projects.
3. Assist in the coordination of campaign and project activities
4. Acquire knowledge of clients’ business and anticipate needs, solutions, and opportunities
5. Proofread copy, proofs, and other media for accuracy
6. Track and analyze consumer trends and advise appropriate measures to meet clients’ needs.
7. Initiate jobs under the direction of your line manager
8. Assist with research as directed by the line manager
9. Prepare documents and promptly attend to the needs of projects handled by your line manager.

1. Solution-driven and Problem-solving skill
2. Innovative
3. Good writing and editing skills
4. Effective organizational abilities
5. Team working
6. Interpersonal and communication skills
7. Project management skills
8. Time management skills
9. Proximity to Chevron is key