Senior Engineer (Back-end)

  • Full Time
  • Nigeria
  • 1,000,000 NGN / Month

About Us:

We’re seeking an experienced Senior Engineer to join our team in Nigeria. If you’re passionate about software infrastructure and leadership, this role is for you. As a Senior Engineer, you’ll set best practices and lead a team of six developers.


– Design and implement scalable software system architectures.

– Develop software applications for data acquisition, customer management, reporting, payments, and operations.

– Create reliable cloud-based architectures (e.g., AWS or similar).

– Build interfaces to third-party software services and data systems.

– Deploy tools for QA, issue resolution, and bug tracking.

– Provide technical guidance to stakeholders on business requirements.

– Collaborate with cross-departmental teams to assess projects and priorities.

– Mentor junior team members.

– Participate in solution design reviews and code peer-reviews.

– Document system architecture.


– Minimum 5 years of continuous back-end development, progressing to a lead software engineer/senior back-end engineer.

– At least 3 years of back-end development experience in Node.js or React.

– Experience in leading software engineering teams.

– Proficiency in relational databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, RDS).

– Familiarity with AWS or similar cloud infrastructure.

– Previous work on large-scale projects or 2+ years in top-scaling startups or tech companies.

– Must be located in Nigeria.

– Preferred DevOps experience.