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Knows how to develop vignettes and renders of architectural and FF&E ideas that work in the space and meet intended design goals – and then articulates why concepts work to the team, by using sound logical reasoning.

Has a well-developed eye for scale and balance, designing elements that fit the space for maximum impact.

Designs ‘around corners’ not just major areas – so spaces flow consistently, areas tie together for maximum impact and secondary focal points are established and used to build upon the underlying story and attitude.

Regularly follows trends in Architecture and Interior Design and continually incorporates the latest technology and operational needs, so that own work and ideas are of an ‘International’ caliber as well as sophistication level.

Actively produces/outputs high-level tasks and deliverables on multiple projects.

Skilled at researching finish materials and learning about their required applications as well as installation requirements.

Can analyze photos and sketches and determine accurate fabrication technique; then draw comprehensive details and sections so it can be fabricated with few questions from the fabricator achieving the desired effect.

Carries out research on codes including Fire, Health etc. to ensure all items and designs meet or exceed minimum code requirements.

Has proven capability to troubleshoot problems on site and make quality recommendations to correct and move project forward without compromising design intent.

Ability to hand sketch solutions on site that take into consideration all the areas that will be impacted by changes applying sound critical-thinking skills.

Is experienced in both renovation and new construction and is comfortable anchoring meetings with Clients, Client’s Management Team, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Vendors, Stakeholders. Participates in group conversations as a valuable member, lending feedback, troubleshooting, brainstorming, offering technical information that is well founded utilizing knowledge of Design Industry trends and approaches.

Following through on all potential problems, quality issues, fabrication problems until they are resolved.

Team Management/Training/Mentoring:

Regularly reviews and checks team deliverables for accuracy, efficiency and thoroughness ensuring team is delivering a high-quality product.

Demonstrates a highly organized and systematic approach to producing a project.

Demonstrates a high degree of Time Management skill and constantly seeks to streamline processes and procedures to increase quality and efficiency.

Support project team and assist teams with ‘What If’ scenarios to review alternate methods.

Mentoring Intern and Junior Design Staff.


Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Interior Design, Architecture, School of Design, and other related disciplines

At least 5 years’ experience in a Senior Interior Design role

Advanced skill in CAD and Architectural Desktop – includes: layering, FTP coordination, Rendering and 3-D Applications. Demonstrates expert level of skill, works quickly and efficiently with high degree of accuracy

Skilled in researching and selecting appropriate as well as stylish architectural materials and finishes that are in line with budget, usage and meet design goals of project

Understands Architectural and Structural needs such as beams, columns, load bearing walls tying elements to structure. Has a good sense of what can and cannot be done based upon structural limitations or requirements

Previous experience within the Interior Design industry is mandatory.

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